The United States Federal Railway Administration keeps tabs on the thousands of railroad crossing accidents that occur every year. These studies show that majority of the vehicle collisions involving trains occur at railroad crossings.

Trains usually pass through railroad crossings at very high speeds, and a passenger train can take over one mile to come to a complete stop. If a truck crosses a train’s path, there is not a lot that the train can do to avoid a collision.

A commercial truck such as an 18 wheeler or cement truck no matter how large or heavy it may be, is still absolutely no match for a train. Like all other motor vehicle drivers, truck drivers must adhere to traffic signals and gates at railroad crossings. Sadly, these safety mechanisms and devices are still ignored in an effort to meet quotas and save time.

Railroad crossings can be difficult to navigate, and trucks can possibly become stuck on the tracks. All truck drivers must never ignore gates and flashing lights at railroad crossings. In some states, vehicles must even keep a distance of at least fifteen feet from the tracks. If carrying a low trailer, truck drivers must be extra cautious.

In the US, railroad companies are held responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of safe crossings with the roadway. However, many problems involving trains continue to occur, including failure of the train operator to sound the required horn, excessive speed of the train, train operator errors, inadequate sight distance down the track, or the failure of safety measures such as lights, bells, and crossing arms.

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Truck accidents occurring at railroad crossings can involve many parties, such as railroad companies, trucking companies, insurance companies, and law and government agencies. If you were injured in an accident involving a truck and a train, it is best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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