Hazardous Cargo

Trucks are massive vehicles with greater potential for causing injury and damage on the road. In the United States, all commercial truck drivers are required to undergo special training and licensure in order to operate such large vehicles, and they are also held to a much higher safety standard.

If a commercial truck driver is bringing a load that contains hazardous materials, then they must also obtain a special endorsement on their commercial driver’s license. This endorsement, which comes from the federal government, indicates that a driver has been trained specifically to transport hazardous material.

Transporting hazardous material in the United States is controlled and regulated by the federal government. All commercial trucking companies are required to follow any and all additional regulations regarding the transport of such materials.

A trucking company must identify a material as hazardous, and must place appropriate signage on the truck in order to properly give warning to the emergency workers and law enforcement agencies. Of course, a trucking company and their drivers must also ensure that their cargo is properly packaged, loaded and handled throughout the period of transport.

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