When it comes to commercial truck drivers and trucking companies, the United States Department of Transportation has set regulations on the hours of service that limit the period of time in which a truck driver is allowed to be behind the wheel. Such regulations came into effect after an exhaustive scientific review on truck accidents were conducted by the department. They were created to protect all individuals on the road, and to ensure that all drivers get the necessary rest.

Every single day, commercial trucks transport millions of dollars worth of goods across our roads and highways. Unfortunately, a number of these truck drivers are paid on a mileage basis, meaning that the more miles they drive, the more they are paid. This system encourages overworked truck drivers to work longer hours and take shorter breaks. Doing so not only puts their lives in danger, but the lives of other innocent people on the road.

Although truck drivers are mostly responsible for these kinds of accidents, the responsibility partly also falls on the trucking companies in some instances. Trucking companies sometimes push their drivers beyond safe limits. It is the trucking company’s obligation to ensure that their drivers keep proper and accurate records or logs in order to prove their adherence to their policies and laws.

If you were badly hurt in a truck accident due to the driver or trucking company negligence, it would be in your best interests to consult with a capable attorney as soon as possible. A truck accident lawyer from The Grossman Law Firm will help determine if you have a proper claim, and will fight for your rights to ensure you recover the compensation you truly deserve.

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