Multiple Vehicle Accidents

America’s roads are among the busiest in the entire world, full of passenger cars, motorcycles, and millions of trucks that transport goods all across the country. The combination of vehicles of all sizes on the roads can be hazardous, and it is especially dangerous when a commercial truck is the cause of the problem.

Accidents involving both passenger vehicles and large trucks are very severe, especially for the driver and passengers of the smaller cars. In fact, national statistics show that passengers of cars account for approximately 94% of the deaths in truck accidents. Although safety features of cars have improved greatly over the past few years, these automobiles are still not match for the sheer weight and size of a fully loaded truck.

A commercial semi-truck or tractor-trailer can be up to 75-feet long, and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When a large truck causes an accident on the road, the situation can quickly involve multiple vehicles.

Truck crashes or collisions can stem from a truck suddenly stopping, or worse, jackknifing and blocking multiple lanes. The vehicles behind the truck may crash in an effort to avoid the commercial vehicle, resulting in a chain reaction of crashes. This scenario often occurs in poor weather or road conditions or in areas of poor visibility, such as those with fog, snow or ice.

The Grossman Law Firm

Multiple vehicle accidents that involve trucks are extremely complicated in nature. If you are injured in a multiple vehicular accident involving a commercial truck, it is very important to consult with an experienced and skilled truck accident lawyer right away.

A capable truck accident attorney will assess your case to see whether you are eligible to file a claim. He or she will guide you through the entire legal process, including dealing with parties such as medical professionals, insurance companies, law enforcement, and trucking companies. Your attorney will help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Our legal team at The Grossman Law Firm has been successfully providing quality legal representation to victims of various personal injury cases, including truck accidents and multiple vehicular accidents. We offer our services to our client on a contingency basis. You will pay for no upfront fees or court costs. You will pay us when we win your case. Your initial consultation and case evaluation comes without cost and without obligation.

To consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer from The Grossman Law Firm, call us at 1-877-996-5529.

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