Side-Impact Collisions

A side-impact collision, also known as a T-bone collision, occurs when a motor vehicle collides with the side of a truck, or when a truck collides with the side of another motor vehicle. Such accidents can be extremely serious if the other vehicle involved is smaller, such as in the case of a passenger car.

T-bone accidents occur most often at junctions or intersections. These accidents could happen because the driver purposely ignored the traffic signals or controls, or because the truck’s brakes malfunctioned. If a large tractor-trailer truck collides with a car at a high speed, then it can quickly cause a catastrophic situation. Drivers and passengers of these cars may not be as protected in a side-impact collision compared to a front or rear-end crash, where the hood or trunk could help protect the occupants.

Common Injuries in T-Bone Truck Collisions

Victims of T-bone or side-impact collisions can sustain serious injuries, despite safety features in newer automobiles like side-impact airbags. Examples of injuries sustained in these accidents are back injuries, head injuries, neck injuries, internal bleeding, burns, and even death.

Hiring The Grossman Law Firm

If you are involved in a T-bone or side-impact collision, you should immediately seek medical attention, even if you have no obvious injuries. You should also consult with a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney. Being involved in a major vehicular accident is not to be taken lightly, especially if you suffer severe injuries. An attorney will be able to protect your legal rights, and preserve your right to filing a claim.

A capable truck accident attorney from The Grossman Law Firm will be able to determine whether you are eligible to file a claim, and will be able to fight for your right to recover damages for your injuries and losses. Our attorneys at The Grossman Law Firm will fight tirelessly and diligently for the compensation that you deserve.

If you are involved in a T-bone collision or side impact truck accident, call The Grossman Law Firm at 1-877-996-5529 for an initial consultation with no obligation and at no cost.

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