Poor Road Conditions

A recent study showed that more than 50% of the fatal accidents that occur in the United States are related to poor roadway conditions. In this country, state, city and county governments are not only bound to design and construct roadways, but to properly maintain these roads to ensure that they are constantly in a reasonably safe condition.

Most roads in the United States are generally designed, constructed and maintained well. Unfortunately, some roads can be deemed dangerous due to poor construction, poor weather conditions, or even lack of maintenance. In some instances, a road is poorly designed and its dangers only become apparent once it is used.

Lack of traffic signs, insufficient merging space, poorly maintained roads, and unsafe construction areas are all hazards to vehicles on the road. Big rigs, logging truckstractor-trailer trucks and others due to their large weight and size, are prone to accidents on the road due to unsafe conditions. If such truck is traveling at high speeds, then accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

It is not always easy to determine whether a dangerous road condition or even unsafe highway design was a factor in truck accident, so it is important to seek counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney. Pursuing a claim against a local, state or federal government entity can be particularly complex, and an attorney should be familiar with laws on road design and maintenance, as well as rules and regulations for commercial trucks.

Hiring The Grossman Law Firm

If you were badly hurt or injured in a truck accident resulting from unsafe roadways, immediately consult with a truck accident lawyer from The Grossman Law Firm. Our attorneys understand the dangers involved with unsafe roads, and are knowledgeable on the laws that govern this issue.

At The Grossman Law Firm, we have been handling personal injury claims for over 15 years. We have handled truck accident cases, and we are confident that we can protect your rights and help you recover a fair truck accident settlement you deserve.

Our legal services are available to you at no cost unless we win your case. We will only be paid when you are paid. To schedule an initial consultation so we can thoroughly evaluate your claim, call The Grossman Law Firm at 1-877-996-5529.

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