Underride Accidents

Statistics from the Fatal Accident Reporting System or FARS show that in truck-car accidents, approximately 94% of the fatalities are the occupants of the passenger vehicles involved. These numbers are not surprising, considering the sheer weight and size of a tractor-trailer truck compared to the average car.

Accidents involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are quite common, and they are also not to be taken lightly. The drivers and passengers of these smaller vehicles are likely to sustain serious injuries, and in some instances, these accidents may even cause fatalities.

An underride accident is a very serious form of truck-car crash. In this type of accident, a portion of the vehicle slides under another vehicle. While underride accidents can occur between two cars, these more commonly occur between a passenger vehicle and a large truck. Underride accidents often occur when a truck jackknifes, and when another vehicle underrides the truck’s side.

In a multiple vehicular accident, the impact of cars hitting each other from behind can also push a vehicle or vehicles under the rear of a large truck. At times, the car will slide so far under the truck that the truck enters the vehicle’s passenger area, therefore crushing the roof and any protection that may have been provided to the passengers.

Due to the high casualty rate resulting from underride accidents, a number of advocacy groups are pushing for increased safety initiatives in order to protect drivers and passengers from these kinds of accidents. Examples of these initiatives are protective requirements in the front and side of the truck and improved rear underride guards. Many believe that these safety features will decrease the impact of underride accidents and will reduce the number of fatalities that stem from them.

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