Drunk Drivers

Drunk Driving

Laws on drunk driving apply to all individuals who operate a vehicle on a road. Of course, truck drivers and trucking companies have higher standards when it comes to drunk driving or driving under the influence.

The FMSCA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set additional regulations to govern a truck driver’s use of alcohol and drugs. All trucking companies across the country are encouraged to follow a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to using drugs or drinking alcohol while operating a truck. Even over-the-counter drugs, sometimes used to stay awake, may pose a serious threat when operating a large vehicle.

Alcohol and drugs can impair one’s ability in several ways, such as making the driver drowsy, causing mental or physical impairment, or simply delaying one’s reaction time.

Each year, thousands of innocent individuals are injured or even killed due to drunk driving accidents. When someone drives an 80,000-pound commercial truck after using drugs or drinking, catastrophic accidents can happen. The severity of a truck accident due to a drunk driver can be disastrous compared to that of an average car accident.

For this reason, individuals with a commercial driver’s license are held to a much higher standard compared to other drivers. Commercial truck drivers are prohibited from driving with a blood alcohol level at .04 or higher. Such drivers are also not allowed to drive within 4 hours of consuming alcohol, and are strictly not allowed to drive while drinking, regardless of their blood alcohol level.

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