Injuries Reported From New Jersey Truck Crash at Barnegat Shop

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boxchain / Car Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

An accident involving three motor vehicles recently happened in Barnegat Township, along Bay Avenue and Route 9. According to a Patch staffer who was at the scene of the accident, the crash occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Among the vehicles involved in the crash were a Honda Civic, a Dodge Ram pickup truck, and another car. Witnesses recount seeing a driver on a long board, which is often used to stabilize patients with possible spinal injuries. The drivers, however, seemed responsive to all the emergency crew’s questions.

The crash caused glass to shatter into the area of a local shop known as Bay Avenue Antiques.

The Barnegat firefighters, police, and emergency medical personnel quickly reported to the scene of the accident. Further details of the crash are still to be given.

Hiring An Attorney

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