Semi-Truck Crash on New Jersey Turnpike Injures Three

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A semi-truck and a car recently collided on the New Jersey Turnpike, seriously injuring three people. The car crash occurred in Leonia, New Jersey at around 12:30 p.m.

Reports show that the car was in the express lane traveling northbound, slowing down for traffic. The semi-truck that was behind the car did not slow down in time, therefore slamming into the vehicle.

The car was pinned against a concrete barrier due to the impact of the collision, and the barrier was dragged around for about half a mile. The semi-truck then hit another vehicle, which was pinned underneath the semi-truck.

One person inside the vehicle was ejected by the collision, while another four individuals were trapped inside the vehicle for more than two hours.

The responding emergency crew rushed three individuals to a nearby hospital. Two of the victims were said to be in critical condition, while the third individual was said to be in stable condition.

To date, the crash is still under investigation. The identities of all the victims are currently being withheld, and it is still unknown if the driver of the semi-truck will be charged for the accident and the injuries resulting from the accident.

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