Cement Truck Collides with 2 vehicles in Bernardsville 1 dead 2 injured

Former Wakefield Concrete Autocar DK with Rex 770 mixer
RYPE1 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

A multi-vehicle accident involving a cement mixer truck and two other vehicles caused the death of the tuck driver and injured 2 other motorists.

The Nj.com reported that the accident occurred at 10 am at the Whitenack Road Intersection. The cement truck collided with two smaller vehicles, and then overturned at the top of the vehicles.

According to the Bernardsville Police Chief, the 36-year-old cement truck driver from Paterson was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital by a helicopter and was pronounced dead later.

The driver of one of the vehicles, a 24-year-old woman from Bedminster whose extent of injuries was unknown, was extricated from her car by rescuers and was also flown to the Morristown Hospital.

The driver of the third car, a 53-year-old woman from Bedminster, managed to get out of her vehicle on her own. She was transported to the Morristown hospital and was released later.

Route 202 was closed for about 7 hours and was reopened at 6 pm.

In multiple collisions that involve at least one truck, the motorists in smaller vehicles are generally at a significant disadvantage because of the differences of the size and weight between the vehicles. These significant differences often leave severe injuries to the smaller cars’ occupants and extensive damage to their vehicles. If the massive truck overturns, the truck driver may also suffer severe injuries or even death.

When a multiple-vehicle truck collision appears to have been caused by a commercial truck, resolving the financial concerns brought by the accident can be very complex. A typical car accident is often dealt with by making an insurance claim, but this process may not be the ideal way to deal with a truck accident. The potential pool of collision liability in a truck accident is expanded by the vehicle’s corporate ownership. It might be in the best interests of the injured victims to file a civil lawsuit.

When filing a civil lawsuit, it’s crucial to direct the legal action against the appropriate parties. A competent truck accident lawyer can help the injured victims in determining whether the legal liability rests with the trucking company, the driver, a third-party manufacturer, or any other entity.

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